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The list below contains a few titles (papers, books, and manuscripts) in no particular order that I honestly believe every single person that does mathematics would benefit from reading.


I tried to get at least one text that exemplifies the different aspects of my research interests (all written better than I could have done it), and other subjects.


L. Babai, P. Frankl, Linear algebra methods in combinatorics

This is a preliminary version of what would have become a fantastic book. To get a copy of it you have to contact the department of computer science of the University of Chicago directly.  It is absolutely worth it.

J. Matoušek, Using the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem

The title is self-explanatory, but it is the best refernce I can give for people that are interested in the topological aspects of discrete geometry. Matoušek has many other books, all the ones I've read I would recommned, but this one stands out as my favorite.

K. Ball, An elementary introduction to modern convex geometry.

Flavors of Geometry, MSRI Publications (1997).

L. Lovász, On the Shannon capacity of a graph

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (1979) Vol 25 pp 1-7.

I. Bárány, A Generalization of Carathéodory's Theorem

Discrete Mathematics (1982) vol 40 pp 141-152. This paper marks the start of the study of colorful results in discrete geometry.

D. Lubell, A short proof of Sperner's lemma

Journal of Combinatorial Theory, (1966) 1.2 p299.

My favorite one-page paper.

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