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I am originally from Cuernavaca, Mexico.  I have lived abroad (UK and US) since I finished college in Mexico.  Currently, I am an associate professor at Baruch College and at The Graduate Center, CUNY.  Before that, I was an Andrei Zelevinsky postdoctoral research instructor at Northeastern University.  I enjoy a good cup of coffee and an occasional Math Olympiad problem.

last update: April 2024

DNA sculpture

A replica of "La Soberonita", designed by the sculptor Sebastian to honor my grandfather.  The 17 meters original can be found at the National Institute of Genomic Medicine in Mexico City.



Mexico City, Mexico

University College London

London, United Kingdom

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Northeastern University

Boston, MA, USA


2006 - 2010


Mathematics Major.

Thesis advisor: Luis Montejano

2010 - 2013

University College London

PhD in Mathematics

Advisors: Imre Bárány , Keith Ball

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"Just as every human undertaking pursues certain objects, so also mathematical research requires its problems. It is by the solution of problems that the investigator tests the temper of his steel; he finds new methods and new outlooks, and gains a wider and freer horizon."

David Hilbert, 1900

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